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A Note from our Managing Member & Lead Event Producer:


Hi there! Thank you so much for visiting this website and learning more about The Eventgers.

I hope this note finds you well. 

The Eventgers began as a simple idea: to gather like-minded individuals in the live/events and hospitality industries with a). a passion for collaborating with and supporting the everyday man or woman with his or her event production needs and b). creating/executing solutions with honesty, integrity and ‘good vibes.’


I realized through 8 years of working in the Los Angeles Events Industry the importance of collective work and 'finding your tribe’ and so, in June 2020 transitioned from ‘Busy B! Events & Special Occasions’, a one-woman-show, to The Eventgers, a Production Collective, to provide a one-stop-shop for all your event production needs.


With headquarters now located in Texas, the vision for The Eventgers brand has morphed from Production Collective to Production AGENCY offering:





1. Event consulting: from general consulting to specific event aspects (Vendors, Travel/Transportation, etc) I can guide you on the best way to execute your social or large-scale event from from ideation to completion. 


2. Brand/Organization 'Connector': I can honestly say - I know and meet a LOT of people and am great at remembering details about others and introducing people to each other that need to meet! I love seeing two like-minded individuals with similar needs come together and being a part of making it happen. All I need is to know is a little bit about your brand/organization and I will keep an eye and ear out so I can work to make a match (IN BETA STAGE).  


3. The Eventgers Vendor Roster​ - I have personally worked with the individuals + companies I have added to this roster and have lots of love and respect for what they do in the industry! Utilizing this roster is completely complimentary and I am confident is a great resource for sourcing quality and trusted Vendors for your events.  




New service! I have the gift of gab and I am quite comfortable getting up in front of crowds or on camera. Finally putting that B.A. in Broadcast Journalism to use :) 



I love working with other Event Producers! I am always open to connecting with those who want to partner on events and dream up experiences that tantalize the senses and are engaging, fun, aesthetically pleasing and leave attendees pleasantly surprised. 

The Eventgers is an up-and-coming event production company creating and executing events ranging from movie screenings and Vendor Markets to niche events (nerdy, spooky, etc)! Regardless of the theme, attendees to our events will know they are well-organized and a fun experience for the whole family. 



I've worked with many different Event Planners/Producers/Organizers all over the US and always love jumping on-board projects when the need arises! I am always inspired when working with others as it not only keeps my skills sharp but opens my mind to the latest trends. 

If you have been able to assess: I LOVE what I do! Outside of deaths/funerals, events and special occasions have such AMAZING energy, you can feel it as soon as you walk through the doors! I love how the right space, food and drinks, design, activities and theme can give a person the ability to immerse themselves in a sensory experience, disconnect from the everyday grind and be themselves. Whether a private event for your company, celebrating special moments with family and friends or large events like conventions, fairs and festivals, I keep these thoughts at the forefront of my mind and put my energy into ensuring we meet the highest standards in every event I am involved in. 







Now - enough about the business stuff! About me - I’m Los Angeles born & raised and (currently) Austin, TX livin’ while growing the brand to have a national presence.


I consider myself a ‘Dabbler-in Many-Things’ (hence the moniker ‘Busy B!’) and love to pour energy into my many interests including boxing, hiking, cooking (and EATING!), modeling and spending time with family and friends. 


I earned my B.A. in Broadcast Journalism from USC in Los Angeles, CA (Fight On!) and wanted to be Oprah Winfrey when I grew. Clearly my life went in a different direction but hey! There is still time :) 


I am a business owner, model, Aunt, sister, daughter, cannabis consumer, lover and a fighter, to name a few. I am a modern woman with an old soul.  I love sharing space with other men and women in person and exchanging stories, food and energy.

I look forward to connecting + chatting about how The Eventgers can support, collaborate with & connect with you to create MAGIC! 



With Gratitude,

Briana 'Busy B!' Weatherspoon

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