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Meet The Eventgers: Nisa & Veronika eNVy Events /@envy.events

A Personal Note from Nisa & Veronika,

Hi there! We’re eNVy Events, Nisa making up the “N” and Veronika bringing the “V” to our team. We started out as two friends, planning parties for our own friends.  Now we’re business partners planning events for our amazing Clients, most of whom become our friends too.


Our individual strengths come together to create this perfect combo of a left brain and right brain duo. We’re not only reliable, experienced, and hardworking businesswomen, we’re also artistic, visionary creatives who strive to make magic for our Clients. As the saying goes, “Two heads are better than one”, but in our case, it’s “two buns are better than one”. . . because who can get anything done with hair in their face?

And speaking of getting things done, that’s what we’re here for. To serve you. We take out the stress and put in the “we’ve got this”. We turn a blank slate into exactly what you have in mind. We care about every single detail so that all you have to care about is how much fun you’re having.